What We Inspect

Luxury Homes

Luxury homes have certain amenities that a typical home does not have. Such as, fountains, outdoor kitchens, guest houses, luxury pools, boat houses and more. You will receive the premium care that luxury home demands.

Standard Homes

Typical homes receive the attention to detail as if our own families are buying the home. Trust that we have your family's best interest in mind and will make you well aware of the condition of the home.

Condos/ Apartments

Condos and apartments often have shared utilities and structures. We will make sure your new space is up to par for today's multi-family structure standards.

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Mobile homes and manufactured homes often have components not seen on a typical build. It is important to understand the special care that these structures require. We have the knowledge and experience to share about these structures.


Some attics are more accessible than others. If there is access, we'll inspect it. Your roof's structural integrity is a major component of the home.

Crawl Space

Pier and Beam foundations are great foundations when installed properly. The expansive soil in our area can reek havoc on a foundation. We will check every accessible part of the crawl space to provide you a thorough evaluation.